Smart Building Energy Management System

Risecomm's Smart Building Energy Management products and solutions enable the management and efficient use of electrical power in HVAC and lighting systems for commercial and industrial building complexes, dormitories, hotels and other public indoor facilities. The diagram below is an example of Building Energy Management solutions applied in a HVAC system.


System Features:

  • Easily configure with plug-and-play devices
  • Display and store historical data statistics such as energy consumption
  • Monitor air quality (formaldehyde, CO₂, etc.)
  • Maintain healthy environmental living conditions, such as temperature and humidity
  • Control the window curtains per surrounding brightness or pre-set rules
  • Schedule daily or seasonal timed tasks
  • With features suitable to security functions
  • Remotely monitor and operate the system via host PCs or mobile devices
  • Remotely diagnose and upgrade the system