Environmental Protection
The Environment & Natural Resources

Assisting customers in energy conservation and emission reduction

The Group pays constant attention to smart energy management in urban energy conservation and emission reduction. Through its self-developed PLC technology and in-depth integration with the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, the Group provides users with integrated energy management solutions and equipment and develops the Internet of Things for energy, with a view to facilitate energy conservation and emission reduction and provide a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment.

With the development of the economy and the country’s emphasis on energy management, many of our customers have started to adopt the Risecomm Building Energy Management System extensively in workshops, dormitories, offices, and indoor work and study space of schools.

Project Example: The staff dormitory of a factory in Henan Province adopts the split-type air-conditioning energy saving management system provided by our Company. It collects and analyses parameters such as environmental conditions and power consumption in real time. Under the management of the remote system, the temperature of air conditioners is set within the specified range. This not only saves electricity, but also extends the service life of air conditioners. Compared with that before the installation of the system, 20%-30% of energy can be saved every year.

Creating a green workplace

In 2017, under the co-ordination and guidance of the social responsibility working group of the Company, various energy saving and emission reduction activities were carried out through its encouragement, active advocacy and certain measures with targets. In the sense of emission reduction, “Walking for health” activity was carried out to encourage employee to low carbon travel. The Group provides continual support for green office. In water consumption, water-saving logos are posted in office as a reminder. We promote the use of reusable cups and reduction of bottled water consumption. In paper consumption, we support double-sided printing, waste paper recycling and using recycled papers. In electricity consumption, the Company turns off lights for one and a half hour from 11:30 to 13:00 every day, allowing employees to take a break and saving electricity at the same time. Besides, after 18:00, lights other than office lights will be turned off to save power.

Environmental-friendly suppliers

We emphasize forging a harmonious relationship between human and nature. Step by step, we exert efforts to protect the surrounding environment, spread the message of environmental conservation and foster environmental awareness. In 2017, under the premise of not affecting the quality of leaflets or printer press, the Group gives priority to environmental-friendly printing materials and recycled papers when printing its leaflets, brochures, greeting cards etc. and cooperates with environmentally-friendly publishers and advertising companies, in order to promote environmental awareness and social responsibility among all suppliers. In terms of supply of production materials, the Group has developed the Procurement Management Procedures and, when screening suppliers, prioritizes environmentally-conscious suppliers who have complied with national environmental standards.