Environmental Protection
Use of Resources

Energy saving

We are aware that every enterprise should work towards the direction of low-carbon operation. Since the 1990s of the last century, Risecomm Group has been committed to environmental protection and invested substantial sums and human resources in environmental protection, striving to provide smart energy saving and emission reduction management solutions for the global market with PLC technology, and application of which includes streetlight control, building energy management and photovoltaic power management. Meanwhile, we have always been devoting our efforts to efficient use of energy in order to strike a balance between corporate development and environmental protection.

Energy efficiency

We adopt our self-developed building energy management system to centralize the management of our internal air conditioners in a planned manner and remotely control the temperature and switching time of the working environment, which effectively reduce wear and tear and extend the service life of air conditioners. These enhancement projects have allowed us to efficiently reduce exploitation of air conditioning system and energy of entire floors and cut down carbon dioxide emissions of the Group.

Example of application

Location: Risecomm WFOE

Year: At the beginning of 2017

Program: Risecomm WFOE installed our self-developed air conditioning management system with the use of the existing power line of Shenzhen headquarters as communication media, which allowed the presetting of office temperature according to seasonal climate changes. Through energy-saving monitoring and control platform, parameters such as office environmental conditions, utilisation and power consumption can be collected for analysis. Remote Batch management enables air conditioners to operate under a planned mode and temperature, and thus facilitating centralized management of power consumption of air conditioners.

Effect: Compared with 2016, the outcome of energy efficiency was up to satisfaction level.

The Group makes efforts to save energy, improve energy efficiency and reduce the pressure on the environment caused by the use of energy, and works on energy conservation and emission reduction from three aspects, including management, technology and structure. We also perform energy-saving technological upgrading for certain customers.

Water efficiency

Internal energy-saving education to our employees is continuously carried out to develop the sense of energy conservation. Once the water pipeline was discovered leakage, incident reporting and repairing is timely. Visual energy-saving slogans for water-saving, energy-saving, paper-saving and other are posted in the office, pantry, toilet and other places to raise environmental awareness of the employees. Compared with the water consumption of the previous year, 10% of water consumed were saved, which was encouraging.

Environmental-friendly packaging materials

The Group will reduce the use of materials under the premise of not impairing the quality of packaging and give priority to recyclable and reusable materials. Also, the Group will increase the turnover rate of use of reusable packaging materials to minimize actual input quantity of packaging materials. For example, the assembly hub in Yantian, Shenzhen adopts reusable plastic materials in production cycle and temporary storage packaging, which has significantly reduced the wastage of approximately 16,000 packaging cartons. Furthermore, in terms of product design, plastics have been replaced by recyclable aluminium alloy for certain products in order to reduce the damages to the environment.