Corporate Responsibility
Operating Practices

To better perform corporate social responsibilities, the Company has established a supply chain management system which is managed by the supply chain management team of the Group in a centralized manner. Suppliers are selected and evaluated on the basis of fairness, impartiality, objectivity and information transparency. All existing and potential suppliers will be informed of the requirements of Risecomm Group on the social responsibility of suppliers, so as to promote suppliers’ greater commitment to social responsibilities and environmental awareness. The Company has developed the Supplier Management Procedures which provides detailed standards and requirements in terms of corporate social responsibility, quality management, environment management, occupational safety, intellectual property, materials management, quality control and other aspects.

Supplier selection & assessment

Risecomm Group emphasizes social responsibility during the resources collection, evaluation, selection and development process of suppliers under the premise of guaranteeing the quality and cost-performance, and prefers high-quality potential suppliers which comply with national requirements on environmental protection and social responsibility. The process guarantees equal opportunities for suppliers as well as fair and impartial evaluation and selection.

Supplier assessment is conducted by a team. A list specifying the scope of assessment is provided by category.  In order to be qualified, a supplier must meet the requirements of the Company in respect of product quality, safety, environmental protection, management responsibility, social obligations and risk management. Our assessment team will assess and ascertain the qualification of supplier in an objective and fair manner and in strict compliance with the requirements of the process.

Based on the principle of “quality first, mutual benefits, joint development”, Risecomm Group has built a solid foundation for win-win cooperation with its suppliers. The Group has the right to request for continuous quality improvement and the suppliers has the obligation to continuously improve the quality of their products.

Monitoring of improvement

The Corporate Resources Planning, the Supplier Management Procedures and supplier database system allow the Group to operate supplier management categorised by different supplies or different classifications of service qualification. The database system records suppliers’ comprehensive information on business registration, on-time delivery, quality level, price management and performance evaluation score, etc. Risecomm Group has adopted supplier resource sharing strategies to conduct joint tendering and centralized procurement for projects at different places, which enhances the quality of products and reduces the cost of procurement in a dramatic way.

Suppliers are required to establish comprehensive quality and environment management system including ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Our supplier quality assurance team will conduct regular review and evaluation on the level of attainment in respect of their implementation and management. Suppliers failed to meet our requirements will be required to make improvement and receive counselling for the establishment of comprehensive management system.

Sunshine procurement

In respect of supply chain management and procurement, Risecomm Group has adhered to the philosophy of “sunshine procurement”, it has also been committed to its environment management and social responsibilities, so as to ensure that the corporate social responsibilities are fulfilled throughout the process of supply chain management and procurement and such process is “fair, open and equitable”. Management personnel of suppliers are required to exercise strict self-discipline and supervise their subordinates to create an ethical business environment within their companies with self-awareness to protect and ensure that their team members who work with us are aware of and abide by the requirements of sunshine procurement. Any form of bribery shall be prohibited. Any improper business practices or unethical behaviour shall be disclosed to the Group proactively.